Lighting up the Corridors Of Culture

A REPORT ON ARTISTS MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN MAINSTREAM EUROPEAN CULTURE by Dr. Jim Mills When asked about the number one problem of the church in his hour, E Stanley Jones, the renowned Christian writer of the 20th century answered, “Irrelevance!” Elton Trueblood, renown evangelical writer and Bible teacher put it another way, “it is […]

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The Quest for Relevance: Disseminating the Gospel to our Generation

By Jim Mills “We have failed to make known to modern man the relevance of the Gospel.” E. Stanley Jones A QUEST FOR RELEVANCE I am a true baby boomer, born in 1950 and birthed into a world where television in B/W was being introduced to the middle class families.  My parents were dedicated Christians […]

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On the Horns of a Dilemma: The Unbiblical sacred-secular antithesis

by Dr. Jim Mills There is a paralyzing dilemma prevalent among western evangelicals of our time. The problem boils down to a tendency to dichotomize or compartmentalize life into sacred-secular categories. Sacred activities have to do with such things as attending church services, praying, studying the Bible, or witnessing. Whereas, to be sure, these are […]

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