Mission Update 2017

“Let your light shine for all to see. For the glory of the Lord rises to shine on you.
Darkness as black as night covers all the nations of the earth, but the glory of the Lord
rises and appears over you.” Isaiah 60:1-2



Time is so short. This seems impossible. Lord, are you sure?

Considering the poor economic situation, most Bulgarians might not be able to afford such an event. We do not have time  to raise funds for flights to fly artist teachers to Bulgaria! This seems impossible!

But with God all things are possible! As we prayed we began to see the supernatural provision of the Father God whose heart beats for the nation of Bulgaria.  An amazing team of artists gathered from across Europe. Housing, flights and finances all came together in just a few weeks! So just a few days after the LIFE camp in Finland ended, we were on our way to Sofia, Bulgaria. As we gathered as a team and prayed we were aware that this was to be a significant event. Already the second night God’s presence was touching the hearts of young people who had never known Jesus. Tears flowed freely and young hearts prayed their first prayers! This continued throughout the week and it was amazing to experience what God was doing.

The Lord opened the door foimage1r some of us to minister in the main prison in Sofia. You cannot imagine this place.We were allowed to meet with over 100 prisoners and several  artists performed for them. In a call to surrender their lives to the Lord, 90% of these men made decisions!  Words cannot begin to express what happened during this week! Thank you for being a part of this miracle!



image3HEART TO GO… 

image4Just recently we returned to our Belgian home after a long summer of travel.  How very peaceful and quiet it seemed.  We got to enjoy it just a little while and then we were off again. We just keep asking the Lord to renew our “strength as the eagles” so we can pack those time-travel containers we call “suitcases” and take off!  Our Father’s love for the nations is so intense. I know it is the passion of His heart that keeps us rushing out for MORE.  We truly desire to “waste” our lives on His purposes and give Him all we have. Will you join us in 2017 and help us to reach the unreached, comfort the broken and bring God’s Word to the nations? What higher purpose is there?


Kosovo: We continue to work with a growing network of artists who are Christians. In May, as we met with a group of artists in Pristina, we experienced a beautiful move of the Holy Spirit and we knew that the Lord was commissioning these hearts to become voices for Him in this nation and beyond. This country is still being heavily radicalized and needs our prayers. We still have prayer bands for Kosovo and they are available.


In 2017 the dates are set for the second annual LIFE Camp in this amazing country.  Please do pray for the ARTS CENTER there in Sofia and also the Kovachev family as they continue to carry the burden for their people.  Pray for their teachers of the center who had a major break through in their lives also during the arts camp.  We will keep you updated as this next year event unfolds.


We are working toward a new LIFE Camp in this Balkan country. There are some great connections there and the door is wide open.  We need to know His timing and provision for what is to come. Please keep this new opportunity in your prayers.


The “LIFE CAMP” emerged out of a desire to give European youth an opportunity to discover their God given talents and also to encounter the marvelous Creator in a life changing way!  These camps this summer have impacted hundreds of young lives in Europe. Finland, Estonia, Austria and Bulgaria hosted these life changing events. With talented, God-fearing artists from around Europe and the USA, this event is so much more than just  about the arts. These teachers share their heart, their faith and and the hope of their lives. This year in Finland we talked to a young man who is now a missionary to Brazil. He pressed through the crowd of young people to tell us that his calling to missions began at the LIFE camp 10 years ago! We were so encouraged and know that God is calling scores of young people to Himself through these camps.


We hope that you enjoyed some of our highlights of this year. As we look forward with great anticipation and joy to all the challenges that lie ahead, we want to thank you for your prayers, your encouragement and your teamwork that has made the impossible – possible!

We also want to invite you to continue to journey with us in the new year through your financial partnership and your prayers.  Truly, God is at work as never before!  We are honored and ready to take the challenge!  What about you???

In Service to the King,

Jim and Anne Mills

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