LIFE Camp July 29th – August 4th 2017, Ryttylä, Finland

LIFE-camp-1017The “LIFE CAMP” emerged out of a desire to give European youth an opportunity to discover their God given talents and also to encounter the marvelous Creator in a life changing way! With talented, artists of faith, these teachers share their heart and and the hope of their lives. This year in Finland we talked to a young man who is now a missionary to Brazil. He pressed through the crowd of young people to tell us that his calling to missions began at the LIFE camp 10 years ago! We were so encouraged and know that God is calling scores of young people to Himself through these camps.

LIFE is an international Christian arts and action camp, organized by Finnish Lutheran Mission and Creative Arts Europe. Every summer about 200 campers and 100 volunteers & workshop and bible teachers gather up in southern Finland to learn more about God and the potential He has put into us. For those, who don’t speak Finnish (yet), the camp program and workshops are translated into English. :)

If you want to learn more about your gifts or develop your skills as a dancer, photographer or as a musician, this is camp is for you! It doesn’t matter how much you know already or how good someone else is compared to you. This camp is not about comparing! In our encouraging atmosphere everyone has a chance to learn something new about themselves and get to know the Person who made you that way.

Everyone is talented, so pack up and head out to spend the best week of the summer at Life camp!

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