Innovative Strategies Transforming Nations

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Life Camp 2016

The LIFE Camp is an amazing opportunity for youth to explore their God-given talents in an atmosphere of inspiration and faith. Professional artists are eager to invest their skill and experience in these students. Encouragement in place of competition creates an event that is a turning point for many young lives.

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The Balkan Bridge

THE BALKAN BRIDGE implements key strategies to bring hope and encouragement to the Balkan nations. Strategies include raising up 1000 intercessors, bringing Balkan leaders to training events in northern and central Europe and supporting and organizing training events for the unreached Balkan youth.

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Project Dance Int'l

PROJECT DANCE® is a worldwide movement of dancers seeking to positively impact culture through artistic integrity. Their desire is to see every dancer nurtured to their fullest human potential for their own well being and their contribution to the world.

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Arts Plus Europe

Arts+ Europe Round Table is comprised of a group of visionary arts advocates and leaders who collaborate in order to catalyze forward progress in the arts landscape across Europe. Find out more...

Greetings from the Mills!

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Greetings from Plancenoit, Belgium!

Greetings from Plancenoit Belgium!
Most people know where Belgium is, but who knows where Plancenoit is??? Not many. Actually, Plancenoit is only 2 miles from the famous Belgium city of Waterloo. Yes, it’s true, […]

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Mission Update 2016

“The people who walk in darkness will see a great light. For those who
live in a land of deep darkness, a light will shine.” Isaiah 9:2 NLT
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The Quest for Relevance: Disseminating the Gospel to our Generation

By Jim Mills
“We have failed to make known to modern man the relevance of the Gospel.”
E. Stanley Jones

I am a true baby boomer, born in 1950 and birthed into a […]

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Upcoming Events

  • April 15-18 :: Bulgaria Arts Center

  • April 25-30 :: Balkan Arts Event

  • May - June :: USA Tour

  • July 28 - Aug 5 :: Finland Life Camp

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